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The Workings of an Electric Bike

Although many people are today buying electric bikes, not all of those people really understand how exactly they work. So, here is a brief description of How electric bikes work. An electric bike has three additional components to the traditional bike and those components are an electric motor, a battery and a control. When required, the electric motor can power the wheels to make the bike move without the need to peddle. The electric motor receives current from the battery which needs to be recharged periodically. There are three different modes that the motor can operate in and these modes are set by means of the controller. The motor can be fitted on one of the hubs of the wheels or it can be fitted in the middle of the bike, near the drive chain which it is attached to.

When located here, the motor is a lower position that the hubs and so affords easier control of the bike. In this location, as the motor directly turns the drive chain in the same fashion as the peddles do, it also provides a more authentic ride, rather than giving the feeling of being pulled or pushed. The motors for electric bikes come in various sizes, usually between 250 watts and 750 watts but as the 250 watt motor can allow the bike to reach speeds of as much as 20 MPH and uses less current than the larger motors, it is the most popular size. There are many batteries that can be used with the electric bike but you should remember that the higher the quality of the battery, the longer the charge will last and the quicker it will recharge.

The motor can be set to operate in one of three modes but switching from one mode to another is easy as the controller is attached to the handle bars. In the peddle only mode, the motor is not used and so the bike can be used in the same way as a traditional bike and as all three of the components only have a combined weight of 20 pounds, the bike will ride very similarly to a traditional bike. In the motor only mode, all the work is done by the motor but in this mode, the battery’s life may only last for 20 miles without having to be recharged. More commonly the electric bike is used in the peddle assist mode and in this mode, the motor powers up at any time the peddles are used. In this mode a cyclist can more easily negotiate hills and head winds. Plus, the battery could last for up to 40 miles without the need to be recharged. As an electric bike looks similar to a traditional bike and only has an additional 20 pounds, it is far more versatile than other powered two wheelers like mopeds and scooters and so will probably become more popular than they are or they have ever been.

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