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Types Of Studio Photography

Many photographers of today start with taking photos of different events or subject that are outdoors. Outdoor photography is quite common because you can shoot anywhere. Studio photography on the other hand is quite different. In order to be able to have great images, one has to do a lot of pre-production work to manipulate the light and other conditions. In studio photography, the photographer has more control over the light. Although this seems ideal to many, it can act like a double edge sword. With this control, the photographer needs to know what works and what doesn’t . This is achieved through lots of experience and hard work.

Studio Photography
As a budding photographer, you may be intrigued by this kind of photography. To do this, you first have to have your studio. For some photographers who are just starting out, they create their own studio at home while there are also a lot who simply search photography studio hire london has to offer. Yes, there are studios that can be hired by photographers so that they can have their photo shoot there. It may last for a day, half a day or even a couple of hours and the rates are also varied.

Types Of Studio Photography
When we say studio photography, one of the first things that comes into mind is portrait photography. It is one of the most well known types of studio photography but there are also other types aside from it. Having your portrait taken is one of the many reasons why commercial photographers have succeeded in this field. People want their portraits taken as a memory of that part of their lives. Portraits are also used by different celebrities to embody a brand that they want to advertise. The key in portrait photography is to produce the best image of your model by using and altering the light as well as the angle of the shots.

Another common type of studio photography is product photography. This is commonly used in advertising and showcasing the different products that is for sale. High quality images of the products help the potential customers to make up their mind and buy the product. Nowadays, product photography can be done by setting up a small studio at home. This will really depend on the size of the products.

There is another type of studio photography that most of us see everyday and that is still life photography. These are photos that are mostly used by the mass media. This helps provide a better understanding of what the magazines, brochures or newspapers say.

Lastly there is what you call fashion photography that a lot of people want to be a model of. It was in the 80’s when this kind of photography boomed. Aside from what the models are wearing or using, the photography became more of what the photographer feels. Through the photos, the glamour, elegance, sexiness, freshness or any other message will be conveyed.

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