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Is Your Bedroom Making You Sick?

We spend most of our time in our bedroom to rest so that we can still become healthy. But what if your bedroom is the reason why you are getting sick? Instead of feeling well rested on the next day, you feel like you have a sore throat, headaches or body aches. These are just signs that your bedroom may be the one responsible in making you sick.

learn how to steam clean a mattress Here are some things you should check.

1. Pillow – The first one on the list is your pillow. When you lay down and rest, your head is supported by this pillow and the bacteria that came from you may be having a feast on it. Mold, dust mites and bacteria can all be multiplying in it and it can be the cause of your allergies. You might feel nasal congestion or a sore throat because of it. To refrain from this, change your pillows at least once a year or wash them. Don’t forget to change your beddings regularly too.

2. Mattress – When your mattress is too soft or too stiff, it can cause you to have body aches. Your back is the most common part of the body that is affected. Check your mattress and go and buy yourself a mattress topper to help out with the problem. The mattress topper doesn’t only provide you with comfort but it also helps support your body so that you won’t have to wake up in the morning with body aches. Search for review best memory foam mattress topper to have an idea on what to get and how much it would cost you.

3. Pets – Do you have pets at home and do they have access to your bedroom? As much as you love your bed, your pets do to. Although they don’t sleep their at night, they might be there during the day and they might be the ones who are spreading the bacteria in your room. They can also disturb you while you rest.

4. Plants – Plants in the bedroom look nice and they also help provide fresher air but sometimes they can also be the cause of your sickness. The plants can rot when you overwater them and they can also have spores I their soil. To prevent this, make sure that you only water them when the soil on the top part has already dried up and make sure you don’t have leaking water on its bottom where molds and other allergens can grow.

5. Windows – Check your windows too. Make sure you open them to freshen up the room. When you keep them shut, you are just trapping whatever it is that is causing you to get sick inside your room. Make sure you let air circulate the room by opening your window often.

6. Carpet Or Rug – The floor is one of the dirtiest parts of the house and sometimes, you don’t notice it to be dirty because of the carpet or rug on top of it. The rug and the carpet can still get dirty even if they feel soft. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine if they are already dirty because you don’t really see the dirt until it has already build up.

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