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Softening a Beard

Although many people like to wear beards, they are not so happy about it if it isn’t soft and healthy. This means that most people, in order to keep their beards soft and healthy, as well as looking good, resort to using a range of different healthy beard products including kaufen beard oil. The different products that are most popularly use are beard oils, beard balms and beard waxes with each product playing its own specific role.

As with any hair, when a beard is washed as well as dirt being removed, so are the natural oils produced by the body to keep the hair healthy, removed. This means that unless the oils are replaced somehow, the hair will soon become both unhealthy and unsightly. To address this problem, many people apply beard oil to their beards which replenishes the oils that have been washed out. Of course though, as well as containing the various different oils required for healthy hair care, these oils also contain other ingredients to provide a pleasant odour or fragrance to the beard.

Beard balm can also be applied to the beard and this too will replace the lost oils, conditioning the hair. The difference with a balm and hair oil though is, a balm may also contain an element of beeswax in order to assist in the styling of the beard.

The third product or range of products is beard waxes and these are usually used by those that have longer beards. A beard wax is similar to the moustache wax, which was once often used to create the fashionable handlebar moustaches. A beard wax mainly consists of either beeswax or assorted petroleum products that are able to assist in the styling and holding of a beard’s shape and design.

As both balms and waxes can be used to help shape and style a beard, it is usual that for those people that have beards which are longer than 4 inches in length, to use a wax whilst those with shorter ones are afforded the choice of either.

As well as a beard being soft and looking healthy, people also want their beards to look nice and in order for them to achieve that, they must trim the beard regularly. Shorter beards, perhaps individually shaped beards have their own unique look that as long as it is trimmed to that shape regularly, look very good. However, sometimes those that sport full beards are confused as to where the trimming starts and finishes. As a guide to that, here are the generally considered barriers that define a beard from other body hair. Hair on the upper lip reaching across to the sideburns on either side and up to the brow is considered to be a moustache. A beard once again reaches across to an imaginary line to the outside edge of the sideburns but is restricted to the chin. A beard should therefore be trimmed where the chin meets the neck and this is marked by a crease in the skin directly above the Adams apple.

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