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Why Install a Train Horn Kit on Your Vehicle

If you are looking to make a one of a kind modification to your car then a train horn is something to consider. Train horns are unique modifications that make a dull car horn into one that is sure to get heard. The best hornblasters are the ones that make a big impact and really stand out from the crowd with their loud clear tone. There are a number of reasons why you should consider installing a train horn kit on your car.


Train horns are not just loud, they are really loud. If you have ever felt like your car horn is not enough to get people to move out of your way or be heard over the roar of traffic, then you need a train horn. Most car horns are around 100 decibels but train horns can be over 175 decibels, which is a huge difference. Once you have a train horn installed you will never have to worry about your horn being ignored again.


Train horns make a stunning addition to a truck or car. If they are installed correctly they can be a striking cosmetic change to the outside of your vehicle. Trucks look particularly stunning with a train horn mounted on the outside. More than just looks, they can also add value to your car. Some buyers are willing to pay extra for a car or truck with a train horn already installed because it saves them the time of doing it themselves. It is also unique selling point that would make your car stand out from the rest.

Useful in Emergencies

If you get into an accident or find yourself lost in a rural area, train horns can be a very useful emergency tool. Because they are so loud train horns can be heard over very long distances. This means that you can use them to signal help if you are lost or you need emergency assistance. Train horns can be heard for miles and they can help emergency crews pinpoint your location. They can even be used if you get separated from someone, the loud train horn can be used to guide them back to your location. This makes train horns very useful for people who like to spend time in the rural outdoors or camping in the wilderness.

Many states have laws that do not allow you to use train horns as a warning system but they do allow them to be used in emergencies. Therefore you do not have to worry about laws restricting the use your train horn if you plan to use it for emergency purposes.

Train horns are great additions to any vehicle. You will be able to get years of use out of them and they are always a unique component that will have people talking. They are also great investments as they can increase the value of your car and help you in an emergency.


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